Innovative Pedagogy
Teacher – centered pedagogy based on lectures and text books has been supplanted by student – centered pedagogy, which increases learning due to active participation of the learner.
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Vision & Values
Our Vision Our Values
To establish world class Teachers Training institute and create dedicated and responsible teacher who will look after the future of country.
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Infrastructure is being developed according to functionality, adequacy as well as current trends. Other than having exclusive labs, the institute has the privilege to..
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Welcome to our Institute

Education is not the amount of information that we put into our brain and runs riots there, undigested, all your life we must have life building, man making, character making, assimilation of ideas.

“The teacher is the significant element in any educational program and holistic development. It is the teacher who is mainly dexterous for implementation of the educational process at any stage.” This shows that it is imperative to invest in the preparation of teachers, so that the future of the nation is secure.

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